On the 30th June 2020 the plenary assembly of the Hungarian Rector’s Conference held election of officials.

As a result of the election of officials it was the third time that Dr. István András, the Rector of the University of Dunaújváros was reelected to hold office of the chairman of the State Section of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference and Erika Vassné Figula, the Rector of the University of Nyíregyháza  became the delegated chairmanship member of the State Section besides Dr. László Palkovics, the Rector of the Szent István University who has been holding a mandate, as well.


It is important to emphasize that from the beginning of July 2020 the new chairman of the Hungarian Rector’s Conference is going to be Dr. László Borhy, the Rector of the Eötvös Loránd University.

Lajos Mocsai, the Rector of the University of Physical Education was elected as the co-chairman of the plenary assembly. András Gelencsér, the Rector of the Pannon University was elected to be a vice chairman again and the other vice-chairman of the public entity became Balázs Heidrich, the Rector of the Budapest Business School.

As the chairman of the Private Institution Section Péter Ottó Szabó, the Rector of the Kodolányi János University was elected. To the chairman position of the Religious Institution Section Sándor Enghy, the Rector of the Sárospatak Calvinist Theological Academy was delegated. The Rectorate of the Art Universities nominated Gábor Bolvári-Takács, the Rector of the Hungarian Dance Academy as a chairman to the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference chairmanship. The mandate of the elected office-holders is going to be valid from the 1st July 2020 for 2 years. The honorary chairman of the Hungarian Rectors’ conference has become János Józsa, the Rector of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, who was the Chairman of the HRF up till now.