During the 4 semesters, future engineering teachers learn how to teach and educate students in the lessons and at school, in general, how to develop their personalities. In our program, students study methodological courses dealing with how to teach engineering subjects.

These courses are complemented with short-term school practices. All our courses focus on developing not just students’ knowledge, but their skills, attitude, and autonomy, as well. All our courses are developed to be practice-oriented and to focus on students’ individual and group work. Our students gain practice even at university courses.


  Basic data  

Level:                Graduate

Type:                 Master of Arts

Duration:           4 semesters

Qualification:    Teacher of Mechanical-Mechatronics Engineering

                          Teacher of Information Technology Engineering



  Content and Structure   

During their studies students are required to take up to 120 credits, each semester totaling 30 credits. During the last semester students are required to do rok (teaching) practice, compose their teaching portfolio and write their thesis.


  Keywords / Subject areas   

General and Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Research Methodology, Pedagogy (Historical and Theoretical Basics), Didactics (Didacticism and Organisation), Digital Pedagogy, Personality and Education Psychology, Professional Methodology, Measuring Competences and Level of Knowledge, Adult education, Economy and Vocational Education, Conflict Management, The Basics of Teacher's Career, Quality Control in Education, E-learning (Developing E-content)


  Career opportunities  

Engineering is one of the most popular majors at the undergraduate and graduate level. Many secondary schools are also starting to offer engineering classes to meet the need for better science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Engineering teachers are the educators who lead these classes.

Further information on the study program is in the official description.

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