Choosing the Computer Science Engineering BSc study program is always a good idea if you would like to be successful in your career. Based on the forecast of the European Committee until the year of 2021, there will be around 825.000  job vacancies in the IT sector  in Europe. In Hungary currently there are already around 22.000 information technologist missing from the labour market, so consequently it is not surprising the companies compete with each other for the talented fresh graduates with this type of degree.


   Basic data  


Level:                 Undergraduate

Type:                 Bachelor of Science

Duration:           7 semesters

Qualification:     Computer Science Engineer

Specialization:   Software Technology



The aim of this program is to train computer engineers who are able to install informatical and informational infrastructural systems and services and to keep them in operation. They shall also be able to do programming in object-oriented and visual programming environment, and to do the modelling of information systems, the simulation testing of the performance and the reliability attributes as well. They shall also have acquired in-depth theoretical knowledge that is adequate to enable them to continue with their studies in the graduate, master level.


   Content and structure  

During their studies students are required to take up to 210 credits, each semester totaling 30 credits. In the final semester students are required to accomplish their final degree projects and write their thesis.


   Keywords / Subject areas  

Computer and Network Architectures, Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Programming, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Internet Technologies, Electronic and Digital Systems, Economics, Computer Network Management, Intelligent Systems, Information Security, Embedded Systems, Multimedia, Management, Measurement and Control, Numerical methods, Network Operating Systems – Windows/Linux, Script languages, Operational Research and Decision Theory.


   Career opportunities  

This is the Digital Age and computer programmes have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Companies compete with each other for the talented fresh graduates with degree in IT. The benefits of computer engineering as a career include great pay, job security and an environment of change and innovation.