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The University of Dunaújváros has announced on the 11th March 2020 towards its students that the education will continue in a digital way due to the corona virus situation. The framing of the distance education has reached its final stage.

Online education will work mostly based on professional materials accessible in the Moodle platform with the assistance of the explanation of lecturers. The exams are going to take place also in this system and evaluation can rely on submitted tasks for a certain deadline or on a course exam at the end of the semester.

In view of the online type of education, accountability and the presence of the trainer should be considered as continuous. The instructor is available to students at the time of the course in case of full time students and can be contacted via email, Moodle or Microsoft Teams.



About Moodle

Link to the platform:

If you are new on this site ( hopefully you are not :)  ), please read the instructions available in English on the right side of the page.

Students are asked to study the materials and information of general interest uploaded to the Moodle system until the systems are actually set up.




About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration.

The software needs to be installed on your computer, laptop, phone or any other smart device.


- The mobile application can be accessed from the Google Play Store for Android here:

- And here from the App Store for iOS:

- To your PC or Laptop it can be downloaded as part of the Office 365 Package available at:


After the software or app is already on your device, you need to login to the system. Type in your Uniduna email address. Each student has an university e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (insert your Neptun code before the ’@’ character). And you need to use the same password, that you use while logging in to Neptun.

There are three ways you can join to the courses' groups:

- Your teacher add you, so you have nothing to do

- The teacher sends a connection link in e-mail, you have to click on it and that's it

- The teacher sends you a 7 character code with that you can join to the course's group.




Other platforms

Please keep an eye on the updates that you receive via e-mail or through different social or study platforms. Our university does its best to help student to successfully complete the semester and this entire academic year.









The Hungarian Rectors' Conference has informed higher education institutions that on the website of EISZ (Electronic Information Service National Program) they have published a list of internationally available literature available during the coronavirus epidemic. The site lists both e-resources for HE students (text-books, e-journals, etc.) and for medical experties (research articles, EBM tools, etc.).


Regularly updated collection of freely available e-resources:


For more information, please visit:










Dear Students!

Based on the decision of the Hungarian Government regarding the coronavirus that was issued on the 11th March, 2020, we would like to inform you about the following steps:

- Education will continue in a form of online (digital) education from the 23rd March, 2020 until withdrawal.

- The University of Dunaújváros has been using the Moodle online education platform for years, where it is an obligation that in each semester every subject shall be accessible for the students enrolled to the course. For these online courses, our instructors will upload the related study materials described in the curriculum and syllabus (lecture materials, ppt's, assignments, exam question lines, etc.). In case of each subject students will receive letters in which the teachers of the modules explain how the digital education will be implemented in their own subjects.


If you have any questions regarding the teaching of each subject or course, please request online assistance in the following order:

1.) Teacher

2.) Mentor teacher

3.) Head of the Institute

4.) Director of Education


We continue to please and count on the patience and cooperation of all our students concerning the transition to digital education.

The Student Success Support System (HASIT) program clearly shows the determination of the University of Dunaújváros towards the success of their students in their education and it remains for us a priority in this semester as well to ensure that students will be given the support in all levels that is necessary for them to complete their studies at the institution.

Please keep an eye on the updates that you receive via e-mail or through different social or study platforms. Our university does its best to help student to successfully complete the semester and this entire academic year.


Dunaújváros, 19/03/2020


With warmest regards:

Dr. habil István András - Rector

Dr. habil Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár - Vice Rector for General and Academic Affairs