University of Dunaújváros has launched its project called HASIT five years ago that aims to reduce the drop-out rate of students. This semester was closed with a conference.

The conference was opened by Dr. habil András István the rector of the university followed by the speech of Dr. Solti Péter the president of Klebelsberg Center.

Six lectures was presented on the conference:

  • The Student Support Program (HASIT) in Support of Tertiary Structural Transformation (Dr. habil Rajcsányi-Molnár Mónika, Educational and General Rector-deputy, DUE)
  • The renewing of the AVATAR-project (Verasztó Sándor, DUE)
  • Personal-based career orientation guidance (Dr. László Balázs TTI Institute Director, College Professor, DUE)
  • The impact of the students' living conditions on the success of the study (Duráczky Bálint, HÖOK)
  • In-entry competence measurement at the first year students of the University of Neumann János (Dr. Török Erika Deputy Dean of Education, Neumann János University GAMF Faculty)
  • VR Learning - education interestingly, memorably, and effectively (Dr. Horváth Ildikó Associate Professor, VR Center Director, Széchenyi István University)



The conference was closed by dr. Szabó Csilla Marianna, project manager of HASIT project and head of University of Dunaújváros’ Teacher Training Center, who thanked the work of the lecturers and the developers of HASIT.

The event was followed by a press conference held by Dr. habil Rajcsányi-Molnár Mónika and Dr. Szabó Csilla Marianna.

As we learned from Dr. Rajcsányi-Molnár Mónika the University achieved big successes in keeping students and supporting them in their studies. It was raised the attention of several other home institution as well as some foreign institutions, so that they have started their mission that aims introducing HASIT to other institutions.

Dr. Szabó Csilla Marianna explained that the AVATAR project has went through several changes. Through several projects they tried to help students in gaining admission to higher education and in successful positioning on the labor market after completing their studies.

At the press conference it was also mentioned that they consider strengthening internal communication extremely important, so that they created the HASIT prize, which is awarded each year in the best performing student, educator and specialist category.

Plans include creating photo walls and floor matrices what physically displays the program in the university area.


University of Dunaújváros does not forget about its alumni, in the middle of May we had our annual Alma Mater meeting.


Each year former students of the institution are welcome to return to their Alma Mater (Latin phrase for university or college), so old friends can reunite and remember the years spent together. This year’s event was special as every tradition keeper were invited to attend the meeting not only those who graduated 10-20-30-40 years ago.

The registration for the event was started at the building „A”. At the same time, a Beer Garden was opened at the Campus. Nearly 450 people attended the Meeting this year. After the successful registration, Krisztina Lászlóné Kenyeres the University’s Director of Education officially opened the event. The opening speech was followed by the dinner. Short after dinner at 18.00 the official ceremony of tradition keepers (called „Szakestély”) has started what was opened by Dr. Kiss Endre’s speech.


The ceremony had a good atmosphere, enormous space of the gym was filled with the sound of the traditional Selmec songs sung by attendants. The organizers hope that every attendant had a great time. See you in 2019 as well.

More than 50 students participated this year at the Science Day, the scientific competition organised each year at the University of Dunaújváros.

Participants of the Science Day conference held on 16 May 2018 at the university of Dunaújváros could listen to 52 papers presented by 66 UOD students in 7 different sessions. 

Many international students joined the competition, in the fields of Social Sciences 2 sessions were organised for their presentations. Foreign students participated in the Engineering Sciences Session as well with great success. For the third year in a row a Doctorand Session was organised as well, in cooperation with the Doctoral School of the University of Pécs.


Prize winning international students and their tutors:

Social Sciences Session 1.

  • 1st place: Aicha Hajoui Taalibi: Communicating emotions in a film
    Tutor: Dr. Orsolya Falus
  • 2nd place: Lama Aldayoub Hassan: The art of reviewing, reacting, and interacting with art works
    Tutor: Dr. Orsolya Falus
  • 3rd place: Leila Ben Salem–Wasim Ben Abdalla: The other side of travelling
    Tutor: Dr. Orsolya Falus
  • 3rd place: Wenting Song–Hajar Bichri: Sign language
    Tutor: Dr. Orsolya Falus

 Social Sciences Session 2.

  • 1st place: Marina Sukhinina: Strategy of development niche business startup
    Tutor: Csilla Fejes
  • 2nd place: Firuza Alizada–Guljan Ismayilzada: How to grow in different industries
    Tutor: Csilla Fejes
  • 3rd place: Shapal Hasan: The future expectancies of inventions
    Tutor: Ibolya Szalai

Engineering Sciences Session

  • 1st place: Amanuel Mekonnen–Elias Attallah: Research proposal on ‘Thermionic power generator’
    Tutor: Dr. Endre Kiss
  • 2nd place: László Koroknai: Optical Schlieren System
    Tutor: Dr. Endre Kiss
  • 3rd place: Ibrahim Rihani–Jamal Karmuoual: Using rich carbon pellet producing and development of biomass burner
    Tutor: Dr. Endre Kiss

  Congratulations to all prize winning students and their tutors!


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Eighteen guests from eight countries visited the University of Dunaújváros to exchange professional experience.

This is the first time that the University of Dunaújváros organized an international staff week. Due to the higher number of partnerships signed in the past years, the number of requests for Erasmus related visits coming from our international partners has also increased. Our aim was to provide a well-organized eventful opportunity for staff members who are working on the internationalization at one of the partner universities to exchange experiments and discuss good practices they gathered via workflows.


The event also helps participants to deepen their intercultural communication skills and knowledge.  Our visitors arrived from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Tunisia, and Ukraine. At the event, those partner universities of the University of Dunaújváros represented themselves who are cooperating in the Erasmus + KA103 project or in KA107 international credit mobility programme. The rules and regulations of Erasmus + provide the opportunity for higher-educational institutions carrying out student, staff and lecturer’s mobility for education and training through its resources.

On the very first day our guests took part on an official ceremony where Ms. Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár, the vice-rector for general and academic affairs and Ms. Katalin Gyöngyössy head of the international relations office greeted them. The usual guided tour around the city and the university’s campus could not miss from the schedule of activities.


Of course besides the fun activities that were typical for most parts of the week, it involved some working as well. On the section meetings that took place on two days. After their registration four different topics were given to the staff members and all participants were kindly asked to prepare and hold a 10-15 minute-long presentation concerning their institution. We were interested in how the different institutions try to make for example the student life more colorful, what methods they use to help integration, how they can motivate alumni students or how they tend to cooperate with the industrial sector. The official language of the workshops were English.


An excursion around the Lake Balaton was also part of the official programme, where they could explore one of the most beautiful part of the country, Veszprém and Tihany.  Also on Thursday the whole group of participants travelled to a nearby village, to Kishantos for a nice checkpoint team building that gave the opportunity for everybody to get to know each other better. Shooting with a bow, using a traditional whip, solving puzzles and quizzes. At the end of the day not just the best teams were rewarded but everybody got a small present for taking part in the activities.


Altogether it is safe to say, that we had a vivid and busy five days that was indeed beneficial not just for the guests, but for the representatives of the University of Dunaújváros too. We look forward to meeting everyone next year too.


 Approaching the end of the second semester International Office of the University of Dunaújváros organized an excursion to the nice and beautiful Szeged for international students of the university.



Thanks to the city’s pleasant atmosphere and the nice sunny weather we spent the whole excursion in a great mood. Szeged is one of the most beautiful cities of Hungary. As an old city it has many-many nice tourist attractions to see. Thanks to the University of Szeged’s trainees we got three guides who were accompanying us around the Cathedral and the city center.

After the long tour we had a longer lunch break when everyone could take something to eat and explore the downtown individually. Lunch helped everybody to recover a little bit so we could go on and continue our trip. We took the bus and travelled to the other side of Szeged over the river Tisza. Shortly we arrived to our final destination the Botanic Garden of Szeged. There were a plenty of different attractions such as a Japanese garden, a little lake with full of lilies, a tropical house and an interesting butterfly-house. The relaxing program was the best way to close the exhausting day.


According to the continuous great mood and students’ feedbacks the trip was a big success. We hope that everyone will remember the trip as a nice memory and we also hope that we will be able to have so much more great times together.



Before the beginning of the exam period, Student Union of the University of Dunaújváros invited the students of the institution for the semester’s last big event the Dorm-day 2k18.



In the events organized by the Kerpely Antal Dorm, the sport was the main focus during the morning. Students could try themselves in three different activities: futsal, table tennis and beer-pong. In the event every participant got a T-shirt that was designed by the Student Union. In the afternoon a different type of activity took place, the cooking competition. The whole day event is very popular among both Hungarian and International students every year. In the evening the party has continued in the B-club, where DJ. Juhász Laci were „spinning the records”.