One of the main missions of the University of Dunaújváros is to be a university that provides such strong professional knowledge within engineering and IT field that is nationally and internationally attractive.

It is equally important for the university to strenghten its professional position in the field of social sciences and teacher education. This endeavor is supported by the 30 million HUF tender that the university won from the Pallas Athene Domus Educationis Foundation, supplemented by the university’s 3 million HUF.

With the support of Pallas Athene Domus Educationis Foundation, the University of Dunaújváros is launching a project aimed to develop the extracurricular economics competences of the students of Business Administration and Management BA. The knowledge this program provides to the students will be useful in their future work and public duties and also results in a significant improvement of their professional skills. The program consists of 4 sub-programs. All of them provide opportunities for both professional and individual development.


  1. Developing online courses, providing online training
  2. Organizing conferences
  3. Implementing international teacher and student mobility
  4. Organizing summer-university


Based on the latest curricula developed during the last few months the online training has been launched on 8th October. The main target group are Business Administration students, but students from other majors also have the chance to complete the courses. The first half of the two semester focuses on the inividual, while the second half focuses on the society and new aspirations, embracing 4-4 topics in each semester. The website created within the framework of the tender provides students access to the curriculum and all informations needed during the year.

The conference related to the PADE program will take place ont he 14th October this year within the framework of the Week of Science program series of the university. Besides the developers of curricula, experts from abroad will also be invited to present their research results.

International experience and professional brainstorming is also an imprtant element of the project. During the academic year, within the framework of the project, 15-20 students will have the opportunity to particpate in a field trip abroad. The first trip will take place in the second half of October by visiting the Instituto Politecnico de Leiria in Leiria, Portugal. Within the framework of the one-week program, students will attend professinal lectures and workshops to familiarize themselves with the training and financial structure of the university and to have an insight into the international aspects of economy.

The project will be closed by a 6 weeks long summer-university, which will contain trainings for developing competency and interactive workshops that will provide students successful employment in the labour market.