The Student Union of the University of Dunaújváros welcomed new university citizens in the framework of the Freshmen's Camp held between 6-8 September 2018.

This year's event was special from many pont of views, but mostly because this was the first Camp where Hungarian and International students could enjoy the programs together.

On the first morning of the Camp students attended to orientation sessions where they could get insight into the university life in general, and received information about their chosen study program. The orientation morning was followed by team-building activities where 10 teams of Freshmen competed with each other.


On the second day Freshmen could attend to the Opening Ceremony of the academic year, and during the afternoon their adventures continued with geo catching and a video game party.

On the third and closing day the Camp continued on the Danube river bank at the Szalki island, the most beautiful natural-geographical spot in Dunaújváros. And last but not least, each day's program was followed by a party organized on Campus with both live music and DJ's in order to help the new students build a real community.



Welcome UOD Freshmen! We hope you enjoyed the Freshmen's Camp, and we wish you amazing semesters to come!