Approaching the end of the second semester International Office of the University of Dunaújváros organized an excursion to the nice and beautiful Szeged for international students of the university.



Thanks to the city’s pleasant atmosphere and the nice sunny weather we spent the whole excursion in a great mood. Szeged is one of the most beautiful cities of Hungary. As an old city it has many-many nice tourist attractions to see. Thanks to the University of Szeged’s trainees we got three guides who were accompanying us around the Cathedral and the city center.

After the long tour we had a longer lunch break when everyone could take something to eat and explore the downtown individually. Lunch helped everybody to recover a little bit so we could go on and continue our trip. We took the bus and travelled to the other side of Szeged over the river Tisza. Shortly we arrived to our final destination the Botanic Garden of Szeged. There were a plenty of different attractions such as a Japanese garden, a little lake with full of lilies, a tropical house and an interesting butterfly-house. The relaxing program was the best way to close the exhausting day.


According to the continuous great mood and students’ feedbacks the trip was a big success. We hope that everyone will remember the trip as a nice memory and we also hope that we will be able to have so much more great times together.