Teacher of Engineering MA



Do you have an Engineering degree? Do you want be a teacher of engineering? University of Dunaújváros is expecting you! We provide you master program Teacher of Engineering in 2 specializations:

Teacher of Mechanical-Mechatronics Engineering

Teacher of Information Technology Engineering

If you have an Engineering degree, you study here 4 semesters and you receive the degree of Teacher of Engineering MA.

During the 4 semesters, you study Pedagogical and Psychological disciplines: how to teach and educate student in the lessons and at school, in general, how you could develop their personalities. In our program, students study methodological courses: how to teach engineering subjects. These courses are complemented with short-term school practices. Moreover, students could choose and take optional courses, such as Conflict management, Digital pedagogy, Economy and vocational training, etc.

All our courses have benne worked out based on key competences, which means that our professors focus on developing not just students’ knowledge, but their skills, attitude, and autonomy, as well. All our courses are developed to be practice-oriented and to focus on students’ individual and group work. Our students gain practice even at university courses.

The program of the master course includes 1 or 2 semester-long school practice, depending on fact whether the student has had teaching practice. We provide school practice for international students in technical secondary schools, even in a bilingual one.

According to Hungarian legislation, besides the usual thesis writing, teacher trainees must compile a digital teacher portfolio, in which trainees have to prove though their individual and group experiences from their studies and practice that they have improved their teaching competences, and ready to teach and educate students. Student must present their teaching competences from several aspects, such as: develop a student’s personality, develop a group of students, plan the teaching process, evaluate students’ work, professional cooperation, etc. The teacher portfolio presents newly graduates’ teaching competences and provides young teachers to find a job as a teacher.

During your training, University of Dunaújváros provides you excellent accommodation in the university student hostel, and you can have lunch in the Campus Restaurant, which are 5-minute walk from the building of the university campus.

If you want to develop your knowledge and to be an engineer teacher, apply for the Teacher of Engineering MA at the University of Dunaújváros.