The University of Dunaújváros join the national event series of Researchers' Night with a range of interesting and exciting programs - Visit us to be part of an evening revolving around the sciences.



Date:     September 24, 2021 from 6 p.m.

Location:             Campus buildings







  • Pneumatics laboratory presentation - lecturer: Dr. Péter Bajor (venue: B-04)
  • Presentation of interesting mechanical and voltage-optical phenomena - speaker: Gábor Ladányi, Tamás Zahola (venue: building “P”)
  • Demonstration of a welding robot and welding simulator used in nuclear power plant welding - speaker: György Kovács (location: “M2” building)
  • Maidlab presentation - speaker: Péter Szabó (venue: M-134)
  • Simulation of Fatigue Fatigues of a Nuclear Power Plant with Gleeble Equipment - lecturer: Dr. Péter Bereczki (location: M-38)
  • Let's casting together! - speaker: Dr. Judit Pázmán, Dóra Pergel (venue: M-39)
  • Micro Parts of the Macro-World - speaker: Dr. Judit Pázmán (venue: M-130)
  • Edible Materials Science - making sugar roses and other figures - lecturer: Dr. Judit Pázmán (venue: M-130)
  • Spectacular physics experiments in the name of climate protection - lecturer: Dr. Miklós Horváth (venue: P-001)
  • Electrostatic powder transport, separation - lecturer: Dr. Kiss Endre (venue: C-111)
  • Treatment of metal and plastic surfaces with silent electrical discharges - lecturer: Dr. Kiss Endre (venue: C-111)
  • Presentation of the structure of microcircuits - lecturer: Dr. Kiss Endre (venue: C-111)
  • The Light of Our Eyes - speaker: Dr. Kiss Endre (venue: C-111)
  • Colorful spectacular chemical reactions - lecturer: Dr. Imre Kovács (location: C-127)
  • The computer is small but clever - lecturer: Dr. Attila Kővári (location: P-010)
  • Balloon Magic - presenter: Éva Kovács-Bokor (venue: C-126)
  • Underwater fireworks - speaker: Éva Kovács-Bokor, Ildikó Szabóné Juhász (venue: C-126)
  • Volcanic eruption - speaker: Ildikó Szabóné Juhász (venue: C-126)
  • Rainbow in the test tube - speaker: Éva Kovács-Bokor, Ildikó Szabóné Juhász (venue: C-126)
  • Lava lamp simply - speaker: Éva Kovács-Bokor, Ildikó Szabóné Juhász (venue: C-126)




  • Become this year's quiz champion - performer: Tamás Szpisák (venue: DUE TV studio)
  • Peculiarities of mobile phone photography: the secrets of demanding images - speaker: István Szakács (location: F-313)
  • Digital poverty in the digital age - speaker: Orsolya Bartal (venue: F-308)
  • Virtuality in Education - speaker: Dr. Péter Ludik (venue: P-009)
  • Science-Adventure-Tour - game, conducted by Szilvia Kovács (location: DUE campus)






The event of the University of Dunaújváros, within the framework of the Thematic Area Excellence Program 2020 National Challenges sub-program with the project support of the number 2020-4.1.1-TKP2020 “Non-destructive process monitoring thematic area”