On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, in connection with the International Day of University Sports, the UOD Sports Day was held on the University Campus! This year's event was also of great interest, there were applicants for all the sports advertised, and the day ended with a cooking competition!


During the series of events, students could choose from the following competitions:


  • A total of 6 teams applied for the Football Cup
  • In table tennis, 14 teams competed
  • During Beer pong, 19 teams played
  • 9 people applied for darts
  • In Teqball, 2 teams tested their skills
  • Shot for goal (basketball) was held with 6 people


As a derivation of the sport, a cooking competition began where 7 teams competed for one of the first places. Some of the DUE staff also took part in the cooking competition.


Thank you to everyone for participating and congratulations to the entrants!