On May 12, 2021, members of the UOD team, who successfully participated in the Rosatom English-language online problem-solving competition, received a certificate of appreciation and gifts for their achievement. The Rosatom event was supported and sponsored by MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. and Paks II. Ltd.

The Russian-Hungarian online problem-solving competition called Hackatom Hungary was held on 29-30 April 2021. 24 teams competed on behalf of three Hungarian universities: the University of Dunaújváros, the University of Debrecen and the University of Pécs. UOD took part in the competition with a five-member team, including László Koroknai, Abdulrazzak Alsssouki, József Gulyás, Nikolett Franol and Norbert Papp.



Dr. Miklós Horváth, director of the UOD’s Institute of Engineering Sciences, welcomed the team members together with the representative of the Rosatom Central Europe Hungary, PR Manager Lóránt Kóti, who presented the competition, and presented  the participating UOD students with appreciative diplomas and gifts. Dr. Horváth said that he was very pleased that the University of Dunaújváros had excelled in the competition. Ahead of teams from several institutions, UOD students finished in 12th place. The Dunaújváros team was special in several respects, as in addition to the Hungarians, an international student was also among the team members.

Lóránt Kóti, PR manager, said in his greeting that the aim of the online problem-solving competition was to bring nuclear energy closer to the students. In addition to the tasks to be solved, the lectures held by Professors from five outstanding Russian universities offering specialization in nuclear energy (the MEPhI and MPEI in Moscow, the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, the Tomsk Polythecnic University and the Ural State Technical University in Yekaterinburg) provided a good oppotunity to fulfil this goal. The representative of Rosatom believes that the University of Dunaújváros will continue to perform excellently in similar competitions in the future, thanks to its specialization in nuclear development.

The representative of Rosatom also invited the competitors to a joint company visit to the Paks Nuclear Power Plant – a possibility offered by MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. as partner of Rosatom.

Congratulations to our students for a successful performance!