On April 22, we will officially celebrate 51st Earth Day. The tradition, which originated in America, was initially held back in March, but finally April 22 was declared  as Mother Earth International Day in 2009 by the United Nations.

This distinguished event is celebrated in more than 175 countries this year. Regarding Hungary, today is the 31st official Earth Day in Hungary. This movement was named "Who said you can't change the world?". It is very important to reduce our ecological footprint as part of our daily lives!

Today's important issues include green policy and climate protection. The University of Dunaújváros, as a higher education institution, also feels its role in this is fundamental. Garbage collection campaigns are ongoing at our university, and when modernizing our buildings, we keep in mind the mitigation of the problems of the 21st century. This is how, for example, our building “P” was created - it was built in the ECO approach of its time. In its operation, it utilizes natural resources, thus serving both environmental awareness and education.