If you’re thinking about making a radical change in the way you are living life by moving abroad and continuing your studies there, then presumably you like to indulge in thrills, adventures and challenges. And you shall have them!

However, before you decide to take a plunge into the deep waters, you might be better off by looking out for some of the vital points of your planned new lifestyle first, so you do not have to regret your decisions later. No need for you to worry, as we have your back regarding this! Here are the 5 most important factors to check before making the decision.


The universities and their program offer

Since studying is the main line of this journey, we all might agree on that results do matter. After all, you are spending your own time and money while making serious efforts in order to achieve the knowledge you want to make useful later in your everyday life. A university such as ours has to provide education for it’s students in a way that makes it easy for them to own and master given informations in any degree programme they have chosen, but enables it to still be thorough and of importance, withstanding the test of time. Without a doubt, we have all the right tools for the job. In fact, the qualifications we offer are recognised and respected on a global scale, as the way you earn them follows the Bologna Process.



If money is a real worry try looking at countries that offer affordable tuition fees.

Remember, tuition isn’t the only cost you’ll have to shell out; you will also need money for living costs, accommodation, travel, visas, food, textbooks and more! Be sure to factor all this in when making your decision.

The good news is that living costs in Hungary are generally been considered low by European standards. And at the University of Dunaújváros you have the chance to ahieve your goals with an affordable tuition fee.



Of course, there are cases when the university you’ve chosen is not within the capital of the country. It is a large advancement in your means of travel if there are multiple easy, fast, safe and comfortable ways available for you to get to other cities as well. Thankfully the University of Dunaújváros is no exception, as it can be reached either by train or bus within a roughly 70 kilometers (42 miles) distance. Both kinds of stations are linked to Budapest’s airport via metropolitan railways.



Accomodation is a tough spot that needs to be addressed. It is important for universities to have a dormitory where students can reside at a relatively low cost while it serves everyday - not too luxurious - needs. It also should be as close to the university as possible. In Dunaújváros these conditions are granted, while the two groups of buildings with different functions are virtually in each other’s neighbourhood, and since their location is in the heart of the city, there are many possibilities to make use of – from buying grocieries for cooking or even ordering whole meals to having a good chat and sipping some drinks with your friends in one of the nearby cafés or watching a good movie in the cinema (just to mention some examples).


Network and social life

The reason for many individuals not daring to try themselves on a different land than usual is that they do not want to be separated from their friends and family members, as making physical contact with their loved ones is a necessity that digital communication cannot replace. This is a very understandable concern. However, it might help them to know that students from many nationalities come here on a regular basis bonding with and strengthening each other, which is truly a „one in a lifetime” experience (aside from the help you can always get from the University’s staff). Hearing dialouges from people growing up with another language might help you to understand their elders’ history, and the traditions/celebrations they passed on the next generations. You are not obligated to stay for a whole academic year, as you can still travel back and spend your time at home in the break period of each seasons.


If you are thinking about sending your application to our University, you can read more about this process on the website: https://www.uniduna.hu/en/application/application-process/how-to-apply . Either way, we wish you a successful academic year at anywhere you intend to go. Good luck!