The award ceremony of the photo competition organized by the College for Advanced Pedagogy and Communication of the University of Dunaújváros was held on the 5 December 2019 at 16 o’clock.


More than 80 photos have been sent in by 31 participants for the competition. The winning entries were selected by a three-membered professional jury:


  • István Rosonczi – sculptor and artist, teacher of visual arts
  • Gyula Várnai – painter, neoconceptualist artist
  • István Szakács – professor at the Department of Communication and Media Science, UOD



The exhibition showcases the best 30 photos that has been sent in by the competitiors in three cathegories:


  • Portrait
  • Light and shade
  • Student life


The winners of the cathegories are:



1st place:        Barbara Domján

2nd place:       Péter Terdik

3rd place:        Gianni Tizraoui


Light and shade:

1st place:        Gábor Pátrovics

2nd place:       József Király

3rd place:        Tibor Varga


Student life:

1st place:        Aididar Demeukhan

2nd place:       Davit Okujava

3rd place:        Király József



Congratulations to all participants!