On 11 April 2019, lecturers and students of Corvinus University visited the University of Dunaújváros in order to shoot a movie in UOD's well equipped TV Studio.

It has become almost a tradition that the two institutions shoot a short movie together in April and May each year. This year, for the ninth time, master students of Corvinus University and their instructors visited the UoD. The group consists of 17 students coming from the Institute of Marketing and Media at the Corvinus University. With the help of their instructors and the staff of the University of Dunaújváros the students are shooting the movie in UOD’s TV Studio between 11 and 12 April.



This year's topic is the innovation model. The purpose of this short movie is to present innovation through the joint role of the state, society and industry. We asked one of the instructors about shooting. He emphasized that this is a great opportunity for them because students get the chance to carry out individual tasks, but in the meantime it is also a great team-building activity.