We recommend you to travel by public transport means (using the combination: bus + metro + long-distance-bus). This is the cheapest way of travelling, it is also safe and all right. Below you can read some instructions regarding the method of travelling to Dunaújváros from the airport:



 You should get from the Budapest Airport to the NÉPLIGET BUS STATION by using the local transportation system of Budapest. You can also take a taxi, but of course that is much more expensive option. The bus stop is in front of the building of the arrival terminal in the airport. You should buy a single ticket (its name is "BKV vonaljegy"). Please note, that this kind of ticket can be used for the metro, for the local busses and trams within Budapest.  You can buy tickets either in one of the small shops at the airport or directly from the bus driver. One ticket costs around 350 HUF buying in advance or 450 HUF if you get it directly from the driver. (Currently 1,- EUR = approximately 350,- HUF}.


You need one ticket for the bus „200E” - (from the airport to Népliget M station)

The bus line number „200E” will take you from the airport directly to Népliget bus station where you can take the bus to Dunaújváros.  When travelling on the “200E” bus you will see a digital display on the bus at the level of the eye, which always tells you which is the next bus stop.

You can check the timetable on the following website: https://bkk.hu/en/timetables/#200E



 NÉPLIGET BUS STATION is one of the stations in Budapest, from where the long-distance buses start from. Travelling by long-distance bus is the easiest; it is fast and not expensive. The bus ticket (from Budapest to Dunaújváros) costs around 1500,- HUF (approximately 5,- EUR). You can purchase a ticket from the bus driver, when you get on the bus. It takes between 70 and 100 minutes for the bus to get from Budapest to Dunaújváros. (It depends on which bus line you take, and at how many villages or towns it stops during the way). There is at least one express bus departs in every hour from NÉPLIGET to Dunaújváros.  There is a bus stop in the city, where most of the long-distance buses stop. It is "DUNAÚJVÁROS DÓZSA MOZI". It is in front of the building of the cinema. ("Mozi" = cinema.) From "DOZSA MOZI" it takes approximately 10 minutes to walk to the campus.  Please see the map on the 2nd page of this document.

You can check the timetables of busses between Budapest and Dunaújváros on the following website: https://menetrendek.hu/