The MVM Paks II. Ltd. Company’s main goal is to prepare the construction of the new nuclear power plant units in Paks, to obtain the necessary permits, to carry out the investment and then to operate the new units.

The new units will replace the power plant to be shut down later in a climate-friendly manner.

A Paks II. project significantly contributes to the growth of the national economy and the maintenance of Hungary's secure, affordable and climate-friendly electricity supply.

Half of the electricity produced in Hungary and one third of the electricity used is provided by the currently operating nuclear power plant. However, its uptime will expire between 2032-37. The two new units are intended to replace the power plant to be shut down later, thanks to which the security of Hungary's electricity supply will increase, as the fact that the majority of Hungary's electricity needs will be provided within the country which will significantly reduce Hungary's import dependence.

Paks II. Limited Company’s goal is to build an excellent technical quality power plant, operating safely and meeting the most stringent expectations of the age, which can contribute to Hungary's climate-friendly electricity supply for decades, giving impetus to the development of Hungarian industry, trade and education.

Paks II. Limited Company in cooperation with six higher education institutions - one of which is the University of Dunaújváros - established the Paks II. Academy, within the framework of which the nuclear power plant operation engineer specialist training course was started in the autumn of 2019, which will be supplemented in the autumn of 2020 with the nuclear power plant operation specialist training course. The University of Dunaújváros is going to launch the above mentioned majors  in Hungarian in the upcoming academic year with the support of Paks II. Limited Company.