Based on the information discussed in the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference and on the basis of the recommendation of the Association of the European Universities it is advised to maintain the epidemic-preventive alert, the precaution in an adequate degree and the necessary distance-keeping.


With reference to the above, by the joint decision of the Rector and the Chancellor of the Univeristy of Dunaújváros, the following measures will take effect concerning the preparation of education in the first semester of the academic year 2020/2021:


  • In every study program, on every educational level and in every work order the education has to be organized in a digital form. The online lectures, seminars and laboratory classes can be taught in real time (stream) or in the form of a course material that includes video films, uploaded in Moodle.


  • The practical and laboratory classes that requires the unconditional personal attendance of the students have to be organized in class-blocks in November and in December.


  • With personal attendance individual or group consultations, practical lessons in the classroom set up in class-blocks and laboratory practice can be organized. In those activities the students are obliged to wear a protective mask. It is the students’ responsibility to have an own protective mask.