Mészáros Virág - kancellár

As the famous hungarian author said – „Well and good. This is the big secret”. We, at the University of Dunaújváros, think that the above mentioned sentence contains everything. It’s including the dedicated team of the teachers and researchers who are committed to the aim, that after leaving the University of Dunaújváros the professionals will be able to cope in the world both professionally and humanly as well. It also contains the colleagues of the university who provide the undisturbed operation (function) of the institution.

Moreover, here is the rector-chancellor cooperation like a basic factor of success; and of course, our students who are going to be the member of the University of Dunaújváros during the years that they spend in our institution.
We form a community together where the innovation, the studying, the research, the entertainment and the career as well can be work together.
We are a community, we don’t let the hand of our graduated students go, they don’t have to fight alone with the further challenges in the labour market, but with the help of our dual partners, costumers in the market and our strategic partners they can start their professional career.

„Well and good” – says the author and I believe that a profession can be made only just in that way.

I warmly welcome you like the prospective students of the University of Dunaújváros and like the new member of our community!

Good luck!

Virág Mészáros